How do you use affirmations?

An affirmation should be made for at least 28 days so that it can consolidate. As a rule, one assumes 28-90 days.

This should then be repeated several times a day. Best in the morning, at noon and in the evening for 5 minutes each. And then take the time to feel this beautiful feeling while reciting it.

Please note that it always takes a while for the affirmation to take effect. It can also happen at the beginning that an initial aggravation takes place. So it gets worse for a moment before it starts to get better.
In this moment, the old beliefs that you want to change here come to the fore before they are overtaken by the new beliefs.

Please don’t take this as an opportunity to stop, this is perfectly normal. Bear with those feelings and fears that come up there and continue with the affirmations. The feeling will soon pass.

Also try not to put yourself under too much pressure, but really give yourself the time it takes to work. Here you can also help yourself with another affirmation.

“I enjoy developing and growing as a person. I always allow my affirmations to work better and better.”

Deine Beyla 💗